These are links to the places that I enjoy going when I am a) procrastinating; b) not trying to avoid being burned at the stake; c) in need of inspiration; d) loafing; e) getting a fix for my learning jones; f) wanting to live vicariously; and/or g) following the yellow brick road . . .

Help Stop The Hate. . . Stop The Hate was created to give a peaceful, unified voice within the online community that abhors the mindless violence perpetrated daily against women, men, and children throughout the world simply because they are deemed different and thus somehow warranting torment, torture, and even death.  Please visit this most important area of RockArtifacts, and pick up one of the many lovely, diverse graphics that so powerfully communicate the strong but simple message, "Stop The Hate."

williamsholler . . .Lady Judith and Dreamsharer offer the cybertraveller a loving view into their lives, their studios, their hopes, dreams, wishes and fears. Here you shall find two gentle, creative, superbly talented souls who are true "givers" of the Net. Judith's Graphics are reminisce of tea, scones, and marmalade served in the arbor on a lazy southern afternoon, with Dreamsharer's hauntingly beautiful music providing just the perfect backdrop. My week is not complete without several visits to the holler.

beauty in silence . . .Take a trip into a different culture. . .the Culture of  Deaf/deaf/HH. Here you shall find links, information, artwork, stories, and another world. Make no mistake, deafness is not a handicap, it is a culture that has its own language, traditions, idioms, rules, and artifacts.  It is "funny zero." My heart, love and appreciation go out to the members of this culture who have not only taught me much, but welcomed me with open hearts, arms and hands. . . finish now me.

John Campbell's rock art resources . . .John Campbell's Petroglyphs and Rockpaintings site is a superb resource for information and links pertaining to this subject that is so apparently close to my own heart. His site is well organized, friendly and informative. Lose yourself in walking through time and connecting to those ancient creatives who whisper to all of us through the collective unconscious.

weird and wacky . . .

If you delight in the strange, weird, tacky, and wacky, this is the site to visit.  It touts itself as the "ULTIMATE compendium of weird, wacky, bizarre and strange places!"  I would agree . .

Moyra's Web Jewels Ok, how do you present one of the most incredible sites on the Net?? You put its name up in lights!! Moyra's Web Jewels is simply the most elegant, treasure packed site you will ever have the delight and good fortune to explore. Moyra's talent will lead you deep into her Jewel Mines and you will find yourself refusing to leave. . .around each turn lies yet another exquisite treasure, whether wrought from the magic of her pixels, or from her wry wit and phenomenal ability to mobilize the English language.  Don't let her sparkles fool you, aside from the glorious cybercoffers filled with rich, luscious, jewels that will leave you drooling, this Artiste is also well known for her excellent talent and eye for composing graphical interfaces, corporate sites, and basically. . .well just about anything you can dream up!!  This little review just does not do justice to this phenomenal talent of the Web, therefore I simply had to put her name in lights to guide you to the enchanting recesses of the Jewel Mine.

AIDS Quilt. . .The Names Projects AIDS Memorial Quilt. If you have never seen nor experienced the Quilt, I would challenge you to do so for afterwards you will never think of persons with AIDS as faceless, remote statistics.  It was my privilege to have joint Chaired a project that brought the Quilt to Wyoming several years ago, thus completing its showing in all 50 states. The Quilt is a touching metaphor that reminds us that HIV/AIDS is an equal opportunity virus. . .it cuts across all socioeconomic and geomorphic boundaries and is a tragic leveling mechanism. Yes, I know there are those of you who will read this with fear in your heart that will prompt you to say that AIDS is God's punishment for deviant behaviors. In response, I would say to you then, that Lesbians must be God's chosen people for they have historically had the lowest transmission rate. So at the risk of a rant. . join yourself in a moment of reality and understand that a virus is a virus is a virus, because it could have just as easily been you or someone you love. A society is measured by how it treats its weakest members, how are you treating ours? (let me qualify by that last statement I do not imply that persons living with AIDS and/or HIV are weak, on the contrary they are some of the most courageous people I have ever known. . .but you know what I intended . . .)

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