Whilst part of what we perceive comes through our senses from the object before us, another part (and it may be the larger part) always comes out of our own mind. ~William James

/ whois  JROCK

Born a premature moonchild in a town called Valentine

Childhood spent in the splendid cowboy country of Wyoming, USA. I was socialized by my father and three older brothers, so learned how to hunt, ride, swear like a sailor, shoot a mean basket, and cowboy up when things get tough. From my earliest memory they all treated me as a brainiac and as an equal, while still celebrating my femininity. Trust me, I celebrate my femininity.


Computer Don't leave home without it . . . . if you want to know more about my protogeek side, click here.

Books Confessed bibliophile.  I read cookbooks and technomanuals like other people read novels. Now if I could just find a way to cook with my hard drive I would be in heaven. (Yes, I am very domestic. However, no one shall ever domesticate me.) Favorite books? Wow, that could be a book in itself, but off the top of my head: Stranger In A Strange Land, Five Smooth Stones, Between A Rock And A Hard Place, Midnight In The Garden Of Good and Evil, Fear Nothing, The Dune series, The Lord of the Rings series, Mary Stewart's Arthurian series, The Falcon And The Snowman, And The Band Played On, anything by Keith Thompson, and basically even the backs of cereal boxes. I will throw out my lingerie before I would toss out my books... well ok, maybe I would have to think about that one . . .

Left home when I was 16 years old and ran off to New York City to become a famous artist. Since someone already beat me to the job, I embarked on what has become (to paraphrase the Grateful Dead), a long, strange trip.

Things I am Artist, mother, lover, Ologist
friend, writer, musician, healer, iconoclast, alien, teacher, warrior, scholar, brainiac, protogeek, advocate, activist.

Things I am not concise.

Things I groove on the aurora borealis, stones and bones and dirt and chert, paper, pens, inks, top of the line sable brushes, the smell of turpentine and linseed oil, the smell of rain on dirt, the rainbow in trouts, basketball, chess, the full moon over the Wind River Mountains in the winter, the velvet softness of a horse's upper lip, NYC, the ocean at midnight, music, living in a tent in the middle of nowhere, gourmet cooking over a campfire, laughing, laughing, laughing, smart people, creative people, funny people, swords, Michel Foucault, William James, falcons, riding bareback, irony, mavericks,  Jessica Lange, very dry Bombay martinis with 2 olives and just a moment of silence for the vermouth, antique maps, Stephen Hawking, Sigmund Freud, psychoneuroimmunology, anything Persian, the way you can actually see glitter in the air from the ice crystals when it is Wyoming mountain cold, tigers, Carl Jung, UFOlogy, people who are not afraid to speak out and take the consequences, conversations at o'dark-thirty when the rest of the world is asleep . . .compassion.

Things I have been broke (poor is a state of mind), an unwed teenage mother, the source of controversy, in a wheelchair, loved, hated, wondered about, happy, grief stricken, an AIDS advocate and educator, bewitched bothered and bewildered, never ashamed of anything I have ever done, only ashamed if I did not learn from it.

Things that make me wonder decaf. Michael Jackson. bigotry. fat free margarine (I mean what *is* it!!???)  who buys Slim Whitman albums? cruelty. who cast Tom Cruise as Le Stat Lioncourt?! humans who don't play well with others. 4wheel drive vehicles in the cities with no snowfall. space.

Public Service is a way of life 

Stop The Hate

Things I have been called the foo foo goddess, arrogant, tempestuous, stubborn, tenacious, too complex, loving, witch, empathic, angel, silly, loyal, megabrain, scary; JRock The House,, The Baroness Von RockArtist, Djhen.

Second Language American Sign Language
What I call myself a barbarian from the mountains of Wyoming.

Favorite food choklit.  and not milk chocolate. dark, deep, rich choco.

Favorite saying "Blow it off, she's just pissed because someone dropped a house on her sister." 

Favorite musicians Jesse Colin Young (Sunlight is hands down one of my favorite songs), Bela Fleck and The Flecktones, Jimmy Webb, Bob Seeger, The Temptations, George Winston, Guy Clark, Grace Slick, Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Tommy Williams III, The White Sisters, Peter Ostrushko and the Mando Boys, Frankie Beverly, Elton John, Paul Simon, Ottmar Liebert, Johnny Hartford, The Hellacasters, The Bee Gees, Ry Cooder, Leon Russell, Chet Atkins, Mike Rock, Tim Rock, Patrick Rock,  Michael McDonald, Malcolm Daglish, Dougie MacLean, Moody Blues, Led Zepplin, Leonard Cohen, Norman Blake, Jerry Jeff Walker, Jesse Winchester, Van Morrison, Chuck Rainey, Tom Scott, JJ Cale, Bette Midler, Enigma, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Dire Straits, Maze, Tony Rice, JD Souther, Floyd Kramer, Hank Williams Sr., Arito and Flora, The Chieftans, and any guy who can play the bagpipes can have my first born child.

Favorite movies The Mission, Lawrence of Arabia, Close Encounters, To Wong Fu, Operation Petticoat, The Electric Horseman, Wizard of Oz, Don Juan De Marco, Philadelphia, Glory, Sophie's Choice, A Fish Called Wanda, Amazon Women From The Moon, Dr. Zhivago, Children Of A Lesser God, Mad Max, any Denzel Washington movie, The Princess Bride, any Kevin Spacey movie, The Bird Cage, Contact, Excalibur, any Tracy/Hepburn movie,The Horse Whisperer, any Morgan Freeman movie, Out of Africa, any Star Trek, Casablanca, Planet Of The Apes, Highlander, any Carey Grant movie, The Long Riders, any Fred Astair movie, and any Clint Eastwood western, Bull Durham.

Personal philosophy That which does not bore me makes me stranger.

There you have it
a superficial glimpse of the woman behind the work. Superficial because I have left out what I feel are the most important secrets to really knowing any other human being. . .what makes them laugh, what makes them cry, and what makes them feel loved. Those I do not share freely.


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